Volunteer Opportunities

Our work would not be possible without the incredible efforts of our volunteer network.
All volunteering directly supports our mission of reclaiming men from a life of drug and alcohol addiction.
Saving Way Thrift Store

Select one of our store locations below to sign up for Volunteer slots

Regular Saving Way volunteers earn credit to use in our stores! Some volunteer jobs at our stores include (select for more details):

11199 South Memorial Parkway, (256) 801-8636

1810 University Drive NW, (256) 536-6940

1338 Winchester Rd-Shields Plaza, (256) 851-2700

8760 Madison Blvd, Madison, AL (256) 325-3861
Sales Floor
There are lots of ways for volunteers to help at our thrift stores – stocking shelves and racks, straightening merchandise, cutting price tags and even sweeping the floor all help us tremendously!
Sorting Donations
Donations come into our stores every day and need to be sorted through before being sent to the sales floor. Volunteers are often assigned to opening bags and boxes and sorting donations
Donation Truck "Ride-a-long"

Merchandise donations keep The Saving Way thrift stores going, and we have a truck on the road every week day picking up clothes, furniture, and all kinds of household items from our generous supporters. Volunteers can help by riding with our full-time driver to help pick up donations.

Small Groups

Church classes, youth groups, company groups, clubs, sports teams, and community organizations are always welcome to help with store cleaning and organizing, clothing and donation drives, and a variety of interesting store projects.

His Way Program
For Volunteering Information email us at info@hiswayinc.org or Contact Us

Administrative Help – Working in the His Way office to help with answering the phone, greeting visitors, and general administrative tasks.

Transportation Assistance – Driving 40+ residents each day back and forth to jobs and job interviews, medical appointments, and court dates can be a full time job. We have daily opportunities to help with transportation assistance using either your personal vehicle or one of the His Way vans.

Teacher – There are usually four classes taught at His Way daily (including Bible, personal development, and recovery classes). Classes are taught each morning and evening by both His Way staff members and volunteers.

Fundraiser Support – His Way normally conducts three major fundraising events each year (golf tournaments, concerts, dinners, etc.). Volunteers helping with these events are vital to their success.

Small Groups – Church classes, youth groups, company groups, clubs, sports teams, and community organizations are always welcome to help with landscaping projects, facility improvements, or to share a meal and fellowship time with our residents.

His Way volunteers range from students to pastors, from young professionals to the newly retired,
and from stay-at-home moms to small groups.
Volunteering at The Saving Way is an excellent way for students seeking advanced degrees or preparing for
college applications to perform community service in a fun and structured environment.

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