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Resident Manager Interns will work (and live) alongside the His Way staff and residents. Interns will be immersed into the family atmosphere of our program, and will receive hands-on training in Christ-centered recovery. Interns will have the opportunity to gain experience in all areas of our ministry and mission by:

● Becoming familiar with the core material/curriculum of the His Way recovery program.
● Participating and leading regular Bible classes and recovery classes.
● Personally serving and ministering to His Way residents.
● Learning the operational and logistical challenges required to operate a residential recovery facility.

This experience and training is valuable for anyone seeking to develop their career in youth ministry, campus ministry, substance abuse counseling, or addiction recovery programs.


Applicants must meet the criteria below.

● Male, at least 20 years of age
● A legal US citizen
● A valid driver’s license
● A strong, mature Christian comfortable with His Way’s mission and core beliefs (viewable on our web site) with an evangelistic heart, and a desire to help men escape the bondage of addiction.
● An interest in pursuing or developing a career where hands-on experience working in a Christ-centered recovery program will be helpful.
● Organized, flexible and adaptable related to given tasks and work hours.


A His Way internship is not a paid position. However, interns are provided room and board (in a His Way dormitory), as well as the opportunity to work for pay at The Saving Way thrift store between 10 and 15 hours per week.


Internships are offered year round, and are divided into quarterly sessions.

Winter – January-March (applications received by November 1st)
Spring – April-June (applications received by February 1st)
Summer – July-September (applications received by May 1st)
Fall – October-December (applications received by August 1st)

Specific start and end dates can be adjusted based on the intern’s school schedule or professional commitments. “Two-term internships” (6 months) will be considered in cases where the intern requires more in depth training for a college credit or specific career requirements.


Interns must agree to the expectations below.

1) Adhere to the basic daily schedule for the His Way residence that begins with an early morning house devotional and ends with an evening class (details on the daily schedule are available on our web site).
2) A servant’s heart demonstrated in a willingness to help with logistics, and become involved in the lives of the His Way residents.
3) Become familiar with the His Way core curriculum by participating in classes, and completing reading and study assignments.
4) Maintain a life free of drugs and alcohol. Interns will be subject to regular drug tests. If an applicant is in recovery himself, he must have 2 years of sobriety to be considered for the position.

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