Program Plan

His Way Residents Give Back

Addicts, like most Americans, are notorious takers. They value things and even people based upon their usefulness to them. Having been so effectively marketed by our economically driven culture, the only question we have about anything or anyone is, “What can that (they) do for me?”

One of the thrusts of our Christ-centered recovery method is to challenge these values and give our men the opportunity to serve. We offer many volunteer opportunities from serving in our two thrift stores, to yard work or landscaping, to small construction jobs.

This past summer, one of our newest residents noticed how much of our food went to waste every week. At the end of the week, the entire refrigerator was emptied of leftovers into trash bags and taken to the street. Though we are blessed to get much of our food through very generous benevolent organizations such as the Food Bank of North Alabama and Manna House, we can still pass on the blessing.

As Jesus told Peter to “Feed My Sheep” in John 21:17 and as Jesus reminds us inMatthew 25:31-46 that as we do to “the least of these” so we have done to Him, we recognize that for many of us the men at His Way are the least. But to our guys the least is the homeless. So in July of 2012, we began getting all of our leftovers together on Saturday mornings beginning at about 5AM, and then taking them to the streets to feed those more needy than ourselves. We began by sharing a short message from God’s Word and then feeding 4 or 5 people. Now, we typically serve about 120 people every Saturday morning by 8AM.

Just remember that there is always a “least of these” for you. Who is yours?

Feed My Sheep