Program Plan

Course Descriptions

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Recovery Classes (For Phase One & Two residents, and Wed evenings for all residents)

Recovery Classes: Various teachers will lead discussions and studies related to the 12-step recovery process. These studies may focus on the mechanics of successfully applying the 12-step process, or they may center on the in-depth application of a specific step. These sessions are discussion oriented, and are an excellent opportunity for senior residents to help new residents. The morning classes will also work through some Biblically-based materials related to overcoming addiction including New Life Behavior and Bondage Breaker.

Bible Classes (Weekdays for Phase One residents, and Sun & Mon evenings for all residents)

Bible Classes: First and foremost, His Way recovery program centers around the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These classes cover a variety of Bible topics, and center on discovering who Jesus is and how Christians practically apply their faith in daily living.

"Working Class" (Weekdays for Phase One residents)

Working Class: This class is an opportunity for Phase I residents to work in depth on topics tailored to their specific recovery plan. Residents will receive more individual attention and counseling, and will work through various study guides, reading assignments, and writing projects.

House Devotional (Weekdays and Saturday for all residents)

House Devotionals: Every morning (except Sunday) begins with a house devotional. These meetings are usually led by a senior resident, and are designed to get everyone's mind prepared for the day.

Professional Life Skills (6:00PM Tuesdays for all residents)

Professional Life Skills: These classes and discussions focus on developing our residents' professional lives. Topics include – leadership development, career development, work ethic, and job placement.

Testimonies and Guest Speakers (6:00PM Thursdays for all residents)

Testimonies and Guest Speakers: This session will include a variety of guest speakers. Occasionally, residents, volunteers, or staff from His Way will use this time to share testimonies and backgrounds.

Wild at Heart

This class is about spiritual identity. So many men come to His Way suffering from an identity crises. They don’t know who they are or how God created them. In this book study, students learn about what God created man to be and society’s misconceptions about man.


An intensive program for people suffering from alcoholism and substance abuse disorders. The program was created by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Biblical Ethics

Biblical Ethics – A practical discussion about news stories and cultural trends viewed through a Biblical lens.