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Barry’s Army

Arnie had an army on the golf course.  McHale had a navy on television.  Did you know Barry has an army of first responders in Huntsville, AL?

Barry Johnson retired from a career in technology and sales management on a Friday and showed up to volunteer at His Way the following Monday morning at 7AM…and he has been here ever since.

Barry has been a parent of a son struggling with addiction.  His son completed his battle on December 27, 2016, and now Barry is passionate about helping other parents in similar situations.

Toward this effort, Barry has initially enlisted twelve volunteer First Responders who will contact hurting loved ones of addicts.  When a family member contacts His Way and places their loved one on our waiting list for entry, a First Responder will reach out to them to provide comfort, reassurance, and guidance. They will direct them to helpful resources such as support groups, personal friendships, and resource materials (books, websites, and classes).

Barry (left) Pictured With John (a member of His Way's ARG leadership group)

Barry (left) Pictured With John (a member of His Way’s ARG leadership group)

Eventually, Barry also wants to establish a grief support group for those who have lost loved ones to addiction like himself.

If you would like more information on becoming a first responder to hurting families or if you would like to connect with more recovery support for yourself or a loved one, please contact Barry at (256) 859-7377 or visit hiswayinc.org.

Tom Reynolds