Merry Christmas from His Way

Thank you for making 2018 a great year at His Way!

2018 was a year of progress and growth at His Way. We completed and moved into our Community Outreach Center earlier this year, giving us new office, meeting, and classroom space, as well as a commercial kitchen and large dining area so all our residents can enjoy quality meals together. I'm pleased to report that we now have room for over 40 men to live at His Way and participate in our recovery program. This year, we've been able to celebrate 35 men graduating our program, bringing our total number of graduates up to 285.

"Growth" is often a theme in these holiday messages and at His Way events. Our recent focus over the last few years has been on increasing the residential capacity at His Way. We still have a very long waiting list, and we want to help as many men and families as possible. That type of physical growth at His Way will still be a priority for us over the next couple of years, but I want to suggest a different, potentially more powerful growth.

Over the last 11 years, I've enjoyed a front row seat to watch more and more of you become involved with His Way and our mission of Christ centered recovery. Small groups are regularly visiting our campus to bring meals, lead devotionals, play games, and build positive relationships with our residents. Local pastors and ministers are providing important counseling services. Christian men are volunteering as teachers and mentors. And, several churches in the area are welcoming our residents and embracing our mission to help men break the bondage of addiction through the power of Jesus Christ. It's truly awesome to witness so many Christians put their faith in action.

As we approach a new year, we're expanding our focus and mission at His Way to include sharing the model we've seen be successful on our campus with mission-minded Christians throughout the country and the world. We're convinced that this costly and tragic drug addiction crisis also represents a white harvest field, and we are committed to helping Christians reach out to this mission field that's in our own backyards.

Personally my role at His Way is changing to support this focus. I'll be turning my attention away from day-to-day management of our organization and will become 100% focused on improving and expanding our core recovery program, while establishing His Way as a resource for churches, schools, and other recovery centers.

I appreciate all the ways you support His Way. Our program, campus, and organization would not be where it is today without it. Our plans to grow this ministry are ambitious and exciting. Please consider helping us reach more desperate men with the Gospel and equip more Christians to work in this ministry.

Thank you and may God bless our partnership.

Tom Reynolds
Director of Ministry & Chairman of the Board